What is this generics?

generic medicineGenerics can be found in pharmacies all over the world. According to statistics, up to 75% of the percent of drugs sold in the United States are generics. There are original drugs, and their analogues – they are called generics. They also have the active substance as the original, but they are much cheaper.

The question is why generics are cheaper?

The manufacturer of the original drug lays in the price of all its costs. Clinical trials, tests, and it is always very expensive. Generic appears when the patent expires on the original. In different countries it lasts from 5 to 25 years, and at that time only the manufacturer who developed the medicine and patented, has the right to produce it. When the term ends, any other pharmaceutical company can do this. The main thing under a different name. Therefore, generic is always cheaper. In order not to lose the benefits, pharmaceutical manufacturers began to produce generic drugs of original drugs.

Original and generic – the same thing?

generic vs brandNot. Generic can not be called an exact copy. Despite the common active ingredient, the original and the generic may vary in a number of other ways:

  • on excipients
  • according to the degree of purification
  • according to the method of “delivery” of the drug into the body
  • method of making the drug (tablet or capsule)


Who benefits?

Obviously, generics are extremely beneficial. For example, every year the population of the Earth eats more than 40,000 tons of acetylsalicylic acid. One can only imagine what this value is in monetary terms. The question is – who benefits? A consumer who gets the right medicine at a low price? Pharmacy winning at the expense of sales? Producers who do not spend on research, but collect a considerable income? Or the inventors of the original, who skim the cream in the early years of the drug? The answer to this question: “Generic benefits primarily the health care system, which receives a proven (due to experience with the original drug) drug at a relatively small price.

How to distinguish generic from the original?

generic medicine and drug

Generic differs from the original drug only by an A4 sheet, on which the “patent” is written. Generic can be packaged in any package. To date, humanity uses tens of thousands of names of medicines. And the person is so arranged that he trusts original drugs more than generics.

Trust Generics or not?

First of all, a generic is by no means a fake. This is a legal drug. Approved for production and use. A generic may not be any similar drug, but only one that has proven interchangeability with the original. Interchangeability is determined by three parameters:

  • degree of similarity with the original composition
  • degree of similarity of his behavior after taking
  • similarity in therapeutic action